Jacob Steves

Software Engineer

A highly focused and driven software developer, currently engineering at Shopify.

A highly focused and driven software developer with 5 years of development experience, superior problem solving skills and an ability to work in massive application architecture while engineering simple solutions to complex problems.

A fast learner who absorbs new information quickly with a massive passion for coding and a focus on efficiency, performance and clean code. Collaborates and communicates effectively in a team setting. Always trying to learn new, crazy things and contribute to society.

Work Experience

Backend Software Developer Intern

September 2018 - Present


Waterloo, Ontario

• Worked on a massive Business to Buisness Wholesale application through Shopify Plus
• Architected a public GraphQL api schema implementation for the Wholesale Shopify Admin
• Migrated internal GraphQL Clients and efficiencly refactored both static and dynamic queries
• Developed a GraphiQL Visualizer to easily write queries that work with custom schemas, shops, and users
• Used Ruby Profilers and Flamegraph to track and reduce the amount of bottlenecks within the application and improve performance
• Monitored performance, logs, and errors with DataDog, and Splunk

Software Consulting Engineer

January 2018 - Present

Big Four

Waterloo, Ontario

• Engineered a subscription teir system with increasing accessability and functionality
• Implemented a stripe payment gating system
• Improved app efficiency by 875%, achieving Service Level Objective of 400ms average response time
• Developed a clockwork job scheduler to be used with Sidekiq jobs
• Monitored performance, logs, and errors with DataDog, Splunk and Heroku Tools

Software Engineer

January - April 2018

Banana Stand

Kitchener, Ontario

• Engineered core features for an e-commerce sales optimization AI
• Tracked user activity and created a visual shopper journey utilizing Big Data to analyze shopping trends and behavior
• Helped grow product revenue by 424%

Software Consultant

January - April 2018


Kitchener, Ontario

• Engineered a custom wiki system and data suggestion approval process
• Developed a clean solution for a massive logic gate system
• Created a secure user permission customizer
• Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and User Experience (UX)

Full Stack & Mobile Developer

May - September 2017

Innovasium Digital

Markham, Ontario

• Worked one-on-one with a client to develop a React-Native mobile app
• Developed a mobile app around the client’s external API endpoints
• Improved total mobile app efficiency by 81%
• Worked with MVC architecture to create a web CMS to manage various user

Web & Mobile Engineer

August 2015 - September 2016

Pink Flour Bowl

Uxbridge, Ontario

• Engineered a custom CMS to quickly create pages and products
• Created a fully responsive website
• Developed an iOS app allowing an admin to login and update content easily



Unity Game

C#, Unity Engine

• Created a complete RPG system with a combat, quest, inventory, enemy, animal, crafting, and shop systems
• Fully scalable game with hours of ingame content outside of quests
• Engineered a game saving system
• Designed the item system to be modified by the user so they can create their own story


First Person Shooter

C#, Unity Engine

• Developed a poly-art FPS complete with splitscreen multiplayer and survival modes
• Currently engineering an online multipayer system
• Implemented smart AI for survival mode

Quadris, Tetris Upgrade

School Project

C++, Various Design Patterns

• Developed a Tetris clone with XWindow graphics
• Features real time block placing on a defined vector grid
• Utilizes the observer pattern to notify grid cells of new pieces
• Uses virtual levels to allow fully customizable rules and easy level creation

Dynamic Object Spawner

Unity Module

C#, Unity Engine

• Engineered an object spawner module, allowing an object prefab to spawn in objects
• Houses objects until player is out of reach, destroying the remaining objects



C#, Unity Engine

• Created a mobile platformer similar to Mario
• Has various levels and difficulties

Various Mobile Apps

C#, Unity Engine

• Developed a variety of endless games, mini games, and platformers
• Implemented In-App Purchases, incentives for return and rewards

Cube Racing

Vehicle Racing Game

JavaScript, C#, Unity Engine

• Racing game featuring single races, split screen races and free roam driving
• Advancing through races unlocks new vehicles and customizations


Text Based Game


• Developed a zork style game that waits for user input and reacts
• Engineered an inventory system to collect and utilize items found within the game
• Created a complex logic system with different outcomes and levels based on game progress and choices
• Implemented data saving through a MySQL database


Mac Image Resizer

Swift, XCode

• Engineered a dynamic application to resize or edit images and gifs
• An option to use it as a menubar app or a standalone mac desktop app

Various Augmented Reality Apps

iOS Apps

Swift, XCode

• Developed various AR apps utlizing Swift4's ARKit
• Engineered a basketball game with the net appearing on a nearby wall
• Created a solar system simulator where the milky way spawns and interacts infront of you


Data Analyzing Android App

Kotlin, Android Studio

• Engineered an android background app that tracks and analyzes user notifications
• Uses data analyitics to allow the user to see where their time is spent


Mobile App & with Backend API

PHP, React-Native, Expo, Laravel

• Developed to help hackaton attendees find partners
• Utilized a PHP RESTful API to handle data creation and storage server side
• Implemented a dynamic React-Native frontend

Macbook Touchbar App


Swift, XCode

• Created a fun, endless platformer touchbar app for new Macbook models
• Easy to play, with addictive gameplay
• Tabs into system storage to save and store high scores

Various Mobile Apps

C#, Unity Engine

• Developed a variety of endless games, mini games, and platformers
• Implemented In-App Purchases, incentives for return and rewards

Eve Text Editor

In-Browser Text Editor

React, PHP, CSS

• Web application to create, edit, and delete files on a site’s server
• Features automatic language detection and syntax highlighting

Blue Dwarf

Gravity Simulator

JavaScript, Electron

• Utlized newtonian physics to simulate planetary gravity in browser
• Features full N-body simulations and play/pause/reverse gravitational motion
• Full orbit tracking precision & built in gif screencapture


Web Application

JavaScript, PHP, HTML, SASS

• Application to view any Canadian university course material or program, connect with classmates, and rate courses
• Developed a web crawler to go grab the class information for each University


Social Media Mockup

Ruby, Embedded Ruby, Ruby on Rails

• Developed a social messaging platform built upon a Faye observer pattern
• Easily scalable and can serve as a basis for any social media site


Web Crawler


• Developed a web crawler that when given a URL, downloads the source code of the page and recursively crawls all links found until a limit is reached
• A variety of different scraping methods and limits resulting in a simple interface for a large logic gate system

Jquery Modules

Open Source Modules

JavaScript, jQuery

• Engineered various jQuery modules to improve form systems
• Developed a module to display certain elements based on form values
• Developed a module to validate form fields with regex
• All modules are well maintained, easily managed, and expandable
• Created minified files with version management




2016 - 2021

Bachelor of Computer Science

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, Ontario